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Building a Better Virtual Event

Meetings, training and corporate events have to go on. We think everyone can agree that communications cannot simply come to a complete stop as we work our way through the Covid19 pandemic. This is a tough time for everyone and what seems to be one of the hardest aspects of this whole thing is how we have to temporarily (we hope) throw everything we know out of the window and build new systems and ways of interacting literally from the ground up.

The real challenge is to explore how combinations of existing technologies used in new and innovative ways can be used to bridge the gap of personal interaction. At Multimedia Audio Visual, we’ve taken a hard look at how people best engage with content of all kinds along with best practices to make sure it’s immersive and meets the needs of delivering content to different types of learning styles. What we’ve come up with is nothing short of very impressive. From distance presenters that appear full size onstage in a hybrid virtual event to interactive technologies that keep distance audiences physically engaged with the material, we’ve been working overtime to put our convention streaming and event production together in a seamless way.

In the coming two weeks, we look forward to showing you a few samples of what we have up our sleeves!

Stay tuned!

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